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5 Responses to Contact

  1. SSG Christopher Washburn says:

    I am an rabid fan of you and your npr show, and I just heard about the race card project as well, and I would like to use it in one of my responsibilities as an EO representative in my unit as a source for widening awareness of social and race issues, especially the ones addressed in your programs.?

  2. Barb says:

    I have tried a handful of times to “create a card”, but everytime I go into the site is closes out Explorer. I wanted to share my six words from Acts 10:34 “God is no respector of persons”. God will have the final say on everything.

  3. Ron Wyatt MD says:

    I am a Black physician and Medical Director at the Joint Commission.
    I have had two conversations with Dr. Greg McGriff.
    I would love to share with you what he is experiencing since the NPR piece. I reached out to him the day the piece aired to show my love and support.
    The blow back for him is bothersome and sadly what i expected.
    -ron wyatt

  4. Roxanne Frenette says:

    I teach at Medical and Teacher Preparation Academy in CT. We are studying the Civil Rights Era and, at our Cultural Arts night, we will be introducing your Race Card idea to the families of our students who will discuss race together. We will display the cards for everyone to see. Thank you for your idea.

  5. Rosemarie De Angelis says:

    I continue in my frustration every time I listen to a clip on NPR about your project. I have written to you before…no answer. First, it is SO DIFFICULT to find a link to just send you a message.

    Second, I teach Englisg to refugees and immigrants at the college level. I spend a lot if time discussing that RACE is a myth and encouraging them to NOT check one of the little boxes. Your project PERPETUATES this myth when you have a fabulous opportunity to dispel this FALSE theory. It only contributes to division, not unity.

    Please view “RACE: power of an Illusion” a documentary that has been played on public television. Help STOP this thinking, rather than promoting it, please. You make my word much harder…and continue the MYTH that there is a way to categorize us.

    please answer me.
    Rosemarie De Angelis
    South Portland, ME

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