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Inspiring conversations and guiding learning

One Minneapolis, One Read inspires conversations and guides learning about race (PDF)

Later this year, folks all over Minneapolis will have something in common: a book. One Minneapolis, One Read will bring people in the city together and spark conversations by having everyone read the same book.

The Grace of Silence by Minneapolis native and National Public Radio host Michele Norris. This memoir describes the experience of the Norris’ as the first black family on their block in a south Minneapolis neighborhood. Norris also details her discovery of race-based family secrets. In her research for the book, Norris learned that her father, upon his return from service in WWII, had been shot by a Birmingham police officer.

The Grace of Silence offers opportunities for conversation about race, family and neighborhood history. This is the first time Minneapolis has embarked on an initiative like this, and you can get involved by reading The Grace of Silence, sponsoring a book discussion, hosting a movie and discussion that explores issues of race, exploring and discovering history of your neighborhood in the context of race, sponsoring a day of listening, encouraging listening to family and friends and recording those conversations.

There will be events this fall that will include a variety of opportunities to share and learn. And, author Michele Norris will visit and join the discussion.

Key dates:

The idea for a community read was inspired by Building Bridges, a group of residents in south Minneapolis neighborhoods whose mission is to understand how race and racism impact our communities. Instead of walking away from difficult discussions on a recent racially-polarizing local issue, the community wanted to find a way to help promote better understanding and enable more discussion. Norris’ aunt, Doris Christopher, is one of the leaders of Building Bridges.

How can I get involved?

There are countless ways everyone can participate. You can join a group event or come up with something on your own. Be creative!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Read The Grace of Silence
  • Share your copy of the book with someone else
  • Sponsor a book discussion
  • Host a movie and discussion that explores issues of race
  • Explore and discover history of your neighborhood in the context of race
  • Sponsor a day of listening
  • Encourage listening to family and friends and record those conversations

You can learn more about The Grace of Silence and Michele Norris’ efforts to engage people in conversation about race at

To get more information and to get involved in One Minneapolis, One Read, contact Cheyenne Erickson,, (612) 673-2052, or Jenny Chayabutr,, (612) 673-2509.

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<!–more–>Michele Norris is the host of <a href=”” target=”_blank”>NPR’s <em>All Things Considered</em></a> and the author of <em>The Grace of Silence</em>.

You can find it  it your local book store or you can order it online at <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Amazon,</a> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Barnes  &amp; Noble</a>, <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Borders,</a> <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Powell’s </a>or <a href=”” target=”_blank”>IndieBound</a>

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