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At some point all of us face the question: How well do we really know the people who raised us? Or, how well do we really understand our racial legacy or our family history? I bet that some of the people sitting around your family table have incredible stories to tell, especially the elders. What do you know about their service in the military?

Maybe they survived the Dust Bowl, the Holocaust, or the Polio Epidemic. How were they shaped by the Great Depression or the Cold War, the march toward integration, or the mass migration of women into the workforce.

Those tales might remain under wraps if you don’t invite them to share their stories, and their wisdom.

I want to hear your stories.

Tell us about your discoveries and your journey to learn more about your family history.

You can also tell us about your experiences, thoughts, triumphs, laments, theories or anthems.

And, you can share your thoughts about my book.

Go ahead. I’m listening.

Submissions might be edited for space and might appear in the your stories section of the website.  Please tell us how you would like to be identified  and where you’re from. Click here to see the Your Stories archive.

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