I have such pride in my roots. My father was a successful businessman, who resigned his military commission in protest of the war in VietNam. As did his older brother (both Majors)the first black man from Kentucky to graduate from West Point. He was also a world class miler. My great aunt is a recipient of “The Sagamore of the Wabash” Indiana’s highest honor bestowed on a citizen of the state. She was presented the award along with a flag flown over the capital (DC), and a letter from President Bush (didn’t excite her) on her 90th birthday. She was given the award because she was either the 1st black or 1st black female (there is a dispute among the family on this)to serve as a Deputy Sheriff, in Lake County. She fought for and won equal pay, and she was often left without backup when she went out on calls. Her daughter was the 1st black Comptroller for the County of SF, as well as a member of the SF Board of Supervisors. In fact she was serving when Moscone and Milk were assassinated.

From my own family I know we keep secrets, and even when I tried to get a better understanding of my family history I found a wall of resistance.

-Desnee Flakes

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